There is always a happy ending in Bollywood. Dreams of Bollywood is a story of love, passion and rejection and the dream of a young woman to live happily ever after.

I have a dream,
To live happily ever after just like in a Bollywood movie.
I want to be so happy that I have to dance, to laugh, and to find the perfect man to love
There is always a happy ending in Bollywood
This is my dream
My “Dreams of Bollywood”

Inspired by the music of the hits films from Bombay, India with a group of local dancers, Mistri will take you on her journey of what is Bollywood.
The story of a young girl, Maya living through the songs of Bollywood to tell her story.
We begin with blessing to the lord to bring luck, loyalty and of course love. After a surprise meeting with Raj, she talks of the magic and the feelings “Oh God, this love showed me paradise just out of the blue, yes!”…..but is it short lived? Is it only a dream?
As with any love story complications arise, with another rival Priya, with seduction and betrayal.
But as always true love always wins.
Now lets just celebrate their love, their joy, their sensuality and of course their commitment!
Enjoy…..this is “Dreams of Bollywood”.

Mistri fuses all the styles with a conclusion full of color, fun and pure passion.